Friday, June 25 2021

Quote of the Day

She sat back on her heels and sighed. “That’s hitting below the belt.”

That was where the truth, when it was inconvenient, usually hit.

Anne Bishop, The Queen’s Weapons

Not Much Time Today

Here’s a list of links with minimum commentary:

Learn about black walnuts After a bit of researching, I found out that walnuts were indeed a food the Narragansetts ate, most of the walnuts you can buy today are English walnuts. The Native American walnut is the black walnut, and this brand is for sale in WalMart and on Amazon.

Cultivating Wild Strawberries Of course even strawberries are not simple; conventional strawberries are hybrids with non-North American native varieties. But there is a brand in the PNW that sells wild strawberries, huzzah. I think I’ve seen them in the freezer section of the local Whole Foods.

Cozy Grove A happy chill sim game with ghosts!