Sunday, June 27 2021

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Spirit Scout Motto: All Those Who Are Lost Deserve Kindness

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Something is rotten in the state of space

Temps here in the PNW are unbelievably scorchy. I am holed up in a hotel room. A very, very cheap hotel room. But what it lacks in amenities is made up for in air conditioning.

My husband and I have started a chronological re-watch of the Star Wars movies to rot our brains while hiding from the heat. I’ve noticed a few things.

The Phantom Menace: The Racist Origin Story We Had to Have

When The Phantom Menace was released in 1999, the fans were underwhelmed. The lines were cheesy. The acting was wooden. And then there was Jar Jar Binks.

But what ruined the movie for me was the appalling racial stereotyping. Baddies with flat noses, slanty eyes, and Oriental accents? A slimy mechanic with a hooked nose, dark skin, and a Middle Eastern accent. Really?

Sam Chan, Espresso Theology

All that and the Jamaicanish-accent-having “primitives” that got to die for the interests of the rich folk. So much yikes.

I didn’t notice how bad this all was the first time around, because this movie has huge plot holes I kept falling into and figuring out what was going on seemed to take up most of my brain space. I never did figure out how a blockade at one planet out of thousands of systems would have resolved a taxation issue? And….what exactly was that issue, anyhow? What did the Trade Federation want that the Senate wouldn’t agree to? I know it’s all moot because the whole entire thing was orchestrated by Palpatine, but that didn’t have to be hidden from the audience for most of two movies, did it? I didn’t realize how much I hate a shaky backstory until now—especially when the characters are unengaging.

Also, the Force. The Jedi. Have the Jedi not noticed that they are creating the Sith? (I think The Last Jedi might grapple with this?) That seems to be a thing they should do something about instead of waiting on prophecy. Maybe tell people more about dealing with their feelings constructively instead of just anger dark side noooooooooo……

(Personally, I think Mr. Nancy gets it.)

Anyway, another link about the opening trilogy: The Star Wars prequels are bad — and insightful about American politics


A friend introduced me to the pallas cat and now I want to pet one.