Tuesday, July 27 2021

Quote of the Day

Anyway, it became very fashionable very quickly to perform cultural purity for others, and that fashion became dogma, and dogma became law, and tada! Here we are.

Becky Chambers, The Galaxy, and the Ground Within

Not bad, but too incremental

These new Washington laws went into effect on Sunday

I get that the wheels of democracy aren’t the fastest, but we need big action on some stuff here. At least there is action, which is more than I can say for most places.

I really put this up there because I had a thought while reading about the changes to law enforcement. Something about how kicking in people’s doors might feel like a rational thing to do since we see it happen at least once on every procedural show episode on TV and in movies. Lives are on the line! The killer kills his victim in five days AND ITS DAY FIVE RIGHT NOW AHHHHHHHHH SMASH!!!!!

The plot line in a show often requires a time constraint to keep people interested. Real life is not a plot device.

Anyway, my thought: for every stupidly over the top violent piece of media that gets made normalizing brutality, a piece of media should be made un-normalizing it. I should write a bunch of happy fluffy things.

Or possibly watch the updated My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and write stuff like that.

A story

While I was visiting an old friend this weekend, I brought up my dad who is being white-assumed for the first time in his life. When a group of white people say racist things in front of him, he gets to make the fun decision to speak up and mention that they are disparaging him and should stop it or not. (I’ve dealt with this a lot. Badly, I might add.)

My friend replied: That’s awesome! His super power is making people uncomfortable.

That was a kick in the preconceptions, for sure. I love everything about this.

The end.

Oh my aching lists


I’ve become good about not buying paper books, actually. But whenever I see a book I want, online or in a bookstore, I add it to my Amazon purchase lists. Which look like this:

Craft Theory Books: 68

Digital Arting Books: 11

Foodish Books: 34

Genre Books <3: 145

Graphic Novels: 40

Lit Books: 68

Nonfic Books: 190

Traditional Arting Books: 31

Which is well below 6k, but still feels like there’s pretty much no way I can read all those in my lifetime, and I just keep adding more.

It also reminds me that I need more time to read. I read a lot at night before falling asleep, which is when I read SFF books. I don’t want to be reading weighty nonfiction books about how awful the world is before trying to sleep. I need more book time!

Processes are so much work

So I wrote this essay thing about two weeks ago now, and I have no idea what to do with it. Which is a predicament that worries me, that perhaps I am somehow self-sabotaging by not figuring out how to get this piece into the world.

I could revise it, I have an idea for a new bit to add, but I think because of how personal it is I am constitutionally incapable of knowing how it lands on a brain that I don’t live in. I need some outside feedback from a person who either knows me very little or not at all.

Huh. It makes me wonder if there is like a Wattpad for nonfiction. I don’t know much about nonfiction. Maybe that is where I am falling down, this is out of my wheelhouse just enough to make me uncertain.

Oh. People do post essays on Wattpad. That’s interesting! But not good if I want to trad publish it. Back to the drawing board.

Oh! This is a thing I can research! Why didn’t I think of this?! OF COURSE I CAN RESEARCH THE THING HA HA HA HA

13.38: How to Find and Use Alpha Readers


Why didn’t I think of Fiverr?? This is a great idea!

Also I found Aigner Loren Wilson while searching for information and she just seems great and I don’t want to lose her website: Byline or By Crook

Now motivated to add that extra bit and hire an alpha reader!