Tuesday, August 3 2021

Quote of the Day

War was ugly, exhausting, and above all else, tedious–an odd thing to say about a situation in which there were more explosions and adrenaline than you knew what to do with. But for all the strategizing, for all the narrow escapes and near misses, when you boiled it down, war was nothing more than an argument in which no one had landed on a better solution than killing each other. The suffering, at some point, became commonplace.

Becky Chambers, The Galaxy, And The Ground Within

I’m feeling awful today, but I have a few items that have come up, and I wanted to get them down.

Traditional Irish food

After about a month worth of no IBS attacks, I had a monster one today. This got me thinking more about my Eat Like Your Ancestors project, and how I really haven’t been doing that as much and should get back to it. I looked up my great-grandfather’s date of birth. I don’t know when he immigrated to the US from Ireland, but he was born close to 1900, so I figured that was close enough.

I researched foods eaten in Ireland from 1500-1900, and found this perfect book: Feast and Famine: Food and Nutrition in Ireland 1500-1920. Regrettably, my library doesn’t have the book and it’s really expensive on Amazon. Well, it’s out there if other resources don’t come through.

Other links I found but didn’t have enough energy to explore further:

Food in Early Ireland

What the Irish Ate Before Potatoes

Food Timeline FAQs: Irish food history & traditions

A Non-Famine History of Ireland?


I have lots of friends on metformin who have reactions to it, and I randomly decided to look up what about metformin makes it such a gastrointestinal nightmare.

Metabolism, the Microbiome, Berberine and Metformin

Huh. Metformin has antibiotic properties. Some of the things I read said it might help dysbiosis over time, but yeah while that’s getting cleaned up, lots of sad bathroom time. Also that pre- and probiotics help quite a bit when taking metformin. Interesting.


Don’t these Blueberry Sourdough Muffins sound tasty? Too bad I feel like crap and don’t want to eat much of anything today and didn’t end up baking them.

How exciting life in 2000 will be

What Will Future Homes Look Like? Filmed in the 1960’s – Narrated by Walter Cronkite

What is the future of the single family home? Architect Philip Johnson: “This idea that you should plop little houses around on tracts will go, I think. There’s no–it’s a totally wrong use of land. Everybody has a little bit of lawn on four sides of his house. Nobody has any privacy. No one has a garden of their own. No one, no architect builds houses now, it’s all done by builders and developers and they build them all alike, as you know, they call them ticky-tacky houses in the song. But there’s no future to that, because the cost of servicing the house is growing by such leaps and bounds that the taxes on that house can nowhere near pay for the services the town has to put there with their water, sewage, roads. So the house is a thing of the twentieth century.”