Wednesday, August 4 2021

Quote of the Day

 If the idea of illness can become illness, what else about our reality is actually a disorder?

Legion, Season 2 Episode 3


I was feeling gross yesterday, so I decided to take it easy. Inexplicably, I started re-watching Marvel’s Legion. I couldn’t figure out why. But then today I started up Bo Burnham’s Inside soundtrack, and whoosh! There’s a connection in there, about power and individualistic culture and navel-gazing as acting. Something along the lines of the more power you have, the more and more you seem to be concerned about your own problems and all the things done to you instead of what anybody else wants or feels or needs. And the less and less you reach out to others for any reason other than how they can service you.

At least, that’s how things are often portrayed.

Come on, Jeff, get ’em

Bo Burnham, Inside, “Bezos I”


The loneliness of being mixed race in America

I just wish the world knew they don’t get to tell multiracial people how we identify. 

Kristina, 43, based in Los Angeles, California


I don’t know what this craziness is, but I found it out in the wilds of the Internet.

Rainbow Family of Living Light

Sounds ridiculous and interesting on paper, but then of course it gets weirder and nastier:

There has been a longstanding Rainbow rumor that the group is recognized by the elders of the Hopi people, or other Indigenous peoples of the Americas, as the fulfillment of a Native American prophecy, and that this excuses the cultural appropriation that is common in the group. This rumor was debunked as fakelore by Michael I. Niman in his 1997 People of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia.[28] Niman traced the supposed Hopi prophecies to the 1962 book Warriors of the Rainbow by William Willoya and Vinson Brown, which compares prophecies of major religious sects throughout the world with tales of visions from various Indigenous cultures.[29] The fake prophecy was written by non-Natives as part of an Evangelical Christian agenda; Niman describes the source as purveying “a covert anti-Semitism throughout, while evangelizing against traditional Native American spirituality.”[30]

Wikipedia – Rainbow Family



Ha ha! I was feeling so much better I made the muffins today. 10/10 would recommend!