Wednesday 11, August 2021

Quote of the Day

The cheap knick-knack in his hands now carried with it a sentiment of the present he would cherish, and a reminder of the past he would always loathe. Only the finest art could accomplish both those things at once.

Becky Chambers, The Galaxy and the Ground Within


The ocean is about to flip a switch that could permanently disrupt life on Earth: study

If it shuts down, temperature will plummet in Europe while the number of storms increases; changing weather conditions will lead to food shortages in South America, India and Western Africa; and rising sea levels along the North American eastern seaboard will force millions to flee their homes. Considering that AMOC is already starting to decline, this is a serious threat that could radically alter our planet in a matter of mere decades.

But maybe this could help?

Finding our Zen helps us act in support of the common good

“The pandemic and the shelter-in-place orders offered this opportunity to look at how contemplative practices support the capacity to serve a collective well-being,” said Rich. In other words, could contemplative practices help increase compliance with quarantine guidelines meant to protect communities?