Friday, August 13, 2021

Quote of the Day

Am I saying that the floods, the worst catastrophe in human history, equivalent or greater to the twentieth century’s wars in their devastation, were actually good for capitalism? Yes, I am.

Kim Stanley Robinson, New York 2140

Oh my friends, I do not feel well. Today’s post will be brief.

It’s a little apocalypse-y out

PurpleAir is my go-to when the wildfire smoke seeps in, like today. The trickle vents are closed, the AC is running.

And it’s going to be 100 today, of course, so I’m snugged into my office with lots of water.

I just can’t get enough

The Most Direct Good: An Interview with Matthew Salesses, Author of Craft in the Real World

I’ve been thinking a lot about individualism and the real dangers of thinking it’s the individual who makes things happen or not, rather than historical and cultural context and broad systems of power. We definitely do not have as much agency in the world as characters have in most American fiction. This sense of individualism is tied closely to how we tell and enjoy stories. And sometimes I feel like it is at the base of what has led to the destruction of social support, neighborhoods, the environment… It is so easy for Americans to think “that doesn’t affect me” or “I would do things differently,” instead of facing the fact that it is only their circumstances that allow them to stay free of, say, being locked in concentration camps at the border.

Matthew Salesses

Oh hey, only what my whole novel will be about. Cool cool cool.

Ohhhh, I see

I made a blackberry crumb cake yesterday. I want to freeze it, but how do I deal with the crumb? This article helped me realize I have to cut it all up and wrap each piece in plastic.

Also, it turns out I’m not a huge fan of crumb cakes. They are just sweet and not big on any other flavor. It was also an insane amount of ingredients for a bland cake. Maybe I’m just not a cake person.