Wednesday, August 18 2021

Quote of the Day

Why, when a protagonist faces the world, does she need to win, lose, or draw? This is a Western idea of conflict…What if she understands herself as a part of that world, that world as a part of herself? What if she simply continues to live?

Matthew Salesses, Craft in the Real World

Have been feeling under the weather, so a quick post

I’ve gotten Craft in the Real World from the library, and I love it, but I recognize it’s too advanced for me right now. I think I mostly understand the concepts, but I just don’t have enough experience transforming theory into craft to apply any of this to my writing.

So what I will do is keep reading this book. A half an hour a day, over and over, until everything does make sense and I can apply it, because it’s really really really important to the writer I want to be.

And speaking of that writer, I’m feeling really discouraged at ever having a finished piece to show the world. I have to believe that working on it a little bit (or a lot) every work day will get me there. Even if it doesn’t feel that way. Especially when it doesn’t feel that way.

These sound tasty: Blueberry Cookies

Lastly, a very excellent video essay about Bo Burnham and white liberals: Bo Burnham’s Inside and “White Liberal Performative Art” | Video Essay (Black Media Breakdown #12) by F.D Signifier.

And I say that because I do–sometimes to my detriment, sometimes in a way that brings me into conflict with some of my friends–I greatly empathize with what white people are going through right now in terms of this awakening to the reality of the world around them. And, just because of my morbid curiosity I am super interested in seeing how this will continue to effect their art and music and everything else. Especially if it means getting art that is not just a less-seasoned version of the stuff I’ve been seeing and growing up with my whole life. To me, Inside is like the perfect distillation of all those things.

Seriously just go watch it.