Friday, August 20 2021

Quote of the Day

People stopped burning carbon much faster than they thought they could before the First Pulse. They closed that barn door the very second the horses had gotten out. The four horses, to be exact.

Kim Stanley Robinson, New York 2140


After yesterday’s realizations, I have thought long and hard about what I want to do next. I talked to my husband about my business plan that I made based on self-publishing 1-2 books a year and how that’s now up in flames. I re-watched a bunch of Titans.

I finally realized these things:

  1. I don’t like the idea of waiting 3-4 years until there’s something of my work somewhere for someone to see. Not being able to share my work sooner feels like failing at life.
  2. If there is a uniformity of advice from every author (that isn’t just write every day), it’s write the story you have to write. Even if it makes no money, even if there ends up being no audience for it, if there is a story inside that feels like it has to come out, nothing good comes from failing to honor that calling.

Those are things in tension. And since I keep throwing around my Jungian education, I guess I better pull on my big girl panties and just learn to live with both of those things being true.


Step 1

Is to clean out and re-organize my Notion workspace. I’m going to need somewhere to store a lot of notes that are easy to find and classify.

Then I’ll start with some of that worldbuilding research. Oh the notes! Oh the quotes! Oh the glorious learning of things!

I’m also going to more seriously consider starting a social media account. It’s hard, without something finished. Do future readers want to read about the minutiae of How A Novel Is Made? I don’t do much other than work on this novel and clean and go for nature walks. Can / should I talk about what I’ve learned / am learning about writing? That’s an audience of writers, not future readers. Guh, social media is hard. The whole idea of it is baffling. This blog is easy, because it’s for me. Social media, by definition, is for everyone else. Maybe that’s the part I need to think long and hard about.