Tuesday, September 7 2021

Quote of the Day

If you have made it this far, you are a brave reader.

David Wallace-Wells, The Uninhabitable Earth


If a man attacks you, would you rather have the man next to you step up and defend you, or would you rather that the first man never attacked?

I’ve been thinking about this a bit after a scene in the book I was reading. My instant thought to the guy jumping in front of the gal when she was threatened was pretty warm and fuzzy. It made me like the character more. But wouldn’t it be better that no one at all leaps to violence? Society and gender roles are the absolute worst.

You could wear a little witch

Autumn Witches Resin Bracelet

It’s so cute!

I’m so glad the billionaire and his investors are going to Save Us All With Equality

The City of Telosa

What could go wrong? I mean, if it works out, great. I have doubts. Many of them circling around the fact that this billionaire Really Wants Everyone To Know How Awesome He Is For Making America Great Again! I’m quite sure he will at the very least require a statue built to him, because we all need to know who this is really about.

I am terrible. I’d love to live there, if it were real, and if it weren’t Yet Another Way for rich people to abscond from society with all the cool stuff.

Maybe this is the prescription everyone needs

In Brussels, Doctors Are Literally Prescribing People Trips to Museums to Help Them Cope With Pandemic-Related Stress

Half of me wants to be sympathetic to people with Real Problems that actually need Dealing With during the pandemic. The other half would like to take this opportunity to whine. To whine about how I have serially managed to accomplish 0 things in my life beyond making sure I have food and shelter and am relatively empathic towards others. Climate change is coming, the world is an unjust colonizer capitalist hellscape, and really the only things I’ve proven myself good at are listening, home baking, errands, and reading fast. What the f am I actually doing with my life? It would have been nice if someone had just told me that getting into college was the last accolade I would ever, ever get. Maybe then I wouldn’t have taken that accomplishment as some sort of stepping stone toward fulfilling my potential, and 25 years later I wouldn’t feel like I’ve let down myself and everyone I’ve ever met!

Maybe a museum isn’t quite enough.

I could bake! Once Covid is less awful

I had no idea King Arthur had an outpost running classes in the PNW.

Baking School Class Calendar

That’s something to look forward to, anyhow.