Wednesday, September 8 2021

Quote of the Day

Men lie, and they lie to theirselves worst of all.

Patrick Ness, The Knife of Never Letting Go

Still pandemic

The covid endgame: Is the pandemic over already? Or are there years to go?

The fact that this article is under the “Politics” section of the paper.

The words in the article are basically infuriating. Scientists working hard and coming to wildly different opinions about where we are and what the correct next steps are and when this will be “over.”

All I have to say is, all those scientists who are just fine with people getting Covid as long as it only kills an acceptable number: you have clearly never had a chronic disease! And also: “acceptable number” tends to fall too squarely on the most vulnerable for it to really be acceptable.


I’ve been reading genre books that make me mad because I enjoy the story so much. The stories are objectively about hardship and pain brought on by the affliction of human nature–knowledge without wisdom–and that makes me so annoyed. I want more stories about how awesome humans can be. But I really enjoy reading these books. Is it really necessary to get to the end of the story with the main character(s) as bloodied and scarred as possible? What does that do to the grooves in our brains? Do we perpetuate violence by watching and reading and enjoying media that shows violence as the first tool in humanity’s toolbox? Do we make misery inevitable when we show it as the only way to grow?

I’ve also been plugging along at this book about climate change, and wow. Humanity is awful and we are ruled by our worst possible instincts, because how else are we letting this happen with no signs of putting it to an end any time soon? Maybe the stories about how eager we are to pummel each other are the true ones.

Let’s just say, I started out wanting to write a book about hope, and I’ve barely started and my hope well has already run just about dry.

Not sure what to do about that.