Thursday, September 9 2021

Quote of the Day

It’s weird, you grow up in the South you don’t really think that much about shit like that. The school names, the street names, the statues and all that stuff. You really don’t think about it, because you’re like taught a completely different thing. It’s not until you get older–you know, if your brain starts to work–where you realize how weird that is, that we have these participation trophies for our crimes against humanity.

Trae Crowder, On Confederate Statues Bein’ Dumb

But what if the guns shot flowers

The Tiny Tina Borderlands Game Looks Like An Obnoxious Good Time

I mean, I don’t even like first person shooters but it does look fun. But wouldn’t it be more fun if the guns shot flowers? Or turned the villain you were shooting into flowers? Or cute fluffy critters?? Opportunities were missed.


I was recommended Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man by a Black male friend, so that’s pretty high praise.

I read the sample, and it is very good. But it has also plunged me into a funk, because I am as raw as a half-baked cookie around any racial identity issues. The sample has a discussion of terms: black or African-American?

To the extent I can speak for anyone else: black is the most inclusive choice…It’s a descriptor of what black people all have in common.

Emmanuel Acho

I just don’t know how to fix it. In Jungian theory if I just keep playing this tug-of-war in my head enough until I am completely worn out by it, then eventually in the depths of exhaustion and probably despair a new idea should come to me to resolve this tension. It’s happened before on other things.

Not this thing. How do I describe it? I don’t have dark colored skin, so by this definition, I’m not black. Ow. Well, he’s not wrong, I have the privilege of people not assuming I’m black so I guess I’m not black. Ow. I mean, technically I’m multiracial or mixed not black, right? That doesn’t even make sense? Was my mother the Virgin Mary? I just don’t count as black then? Ow. I should let black people define who they are on their own terms and just….disappear, I guess?

I’m really exhausted by this endless circle of I’m-all-of-these-things I’m-none-of-these-things I’m-part-these-things I’m-not-anything that any identity challenge, no matter how small, kicks off. But I guess not exhausted enough.

But so far it’s a really good book and you should read it. Seriously. I will too.