Wednesday, September 15 2021

Quote of the Day

Mistress Coyle agreed, and Simone set to work, planning the whole thing with the absolute focus on capturing a Spackle and sending it back with a message of peace.

Which seems strange after we’ve killed so many of them to do it, but it’s been obvious since the beginning that wars make no sense. You kill people to tell them you want to stop killing them.

Monsters of men, I think. And women.

Patrick Ness, Monsters of Men


There’s not much more to say that that. My arm has been sore for a month. It’s slowly getting better but the constant pain is tiring.

The tiredness is teaching me, however, that I can’t work on more than one thing a day. I keep thinking I can do research in the morning and writing in the afternoon or something, but no, over and over again I get to the end of the day and I’ve been able to work on exactly one thing. Maybe that will change in the future when I am less tired, but for now, it stands. Maybe I can work on more than one project at one, but not all in the same day.

Living the solarpunk dream

It’s finally occurred to me what a solarpunk audience wants to see of a solarpunk writer–all the ways the writer is working (beyond writing) to realize the dream of solarpunk itself. This should have been obvious, but I seem to only just now be getting it.

This decision to write short stories has been having interesting effects all over my work.

No links today, just a sore arm, achy back, and the overwhelming desire for a nap. I think another Epsom salt bath is in order this evening.