Monday, October 4 2021

Quote of the Day

You grew up beside him, toymaker. Did he ever fall to the boasting sickness, the Choking Glory? Or daydreams and nightmares dropping into his lungs?

Phyllis Ann Karr, At Amberleaf Fair


No nifty links or learnings today. I tried to go gluten-free starting today for two weeks on the advice of my nutritionist. Breakfast went horribly and I just want to give up! I just might… least for today.

So I am feeling tired and achy after severe tummy troubles, and it’s time to kick my worldbuilding can down the story road–November 1 is getting ever-closer. I was very stuck on Friday, but talking to my husband helped me sort a few things out and have a few new ideas to try to throw at this story.

Interestingly, I found that while worldbuilding a story set in the future I keep trying to build a nice neat timeline so that I can trace everything new in the story back to today’s present and how it grew out of the now. But I don’t need to do that for a short story! I can just make the world look the way I want it to look because I want it to look that way.

I need to be more assertive in my worldbuilding. Make it so! I hadn’t realized this was part of my problem with finishing stories. And the more I think about it, the more I think I might be working against my own nature a bit. I’m a big picture person–not in that I can’t get into minutiae, but to understand the small bits I need the overarching view first. That might be why I am getting frustrated. Well, brain, the overarching view is going to have to be the theme, not The Made Up History Of Humankind mInute-by-minute starting from right now.

Let’s hope I make some progress today…