Tuesday, October 5 2021

Quote of the Day

Solarpunk Magazine is publishing utopian science fiction, working against dystopia, so more power to them. Kick ass and use hope like a club to beat back the pessimists.

Kim Stanley Robinson for Solarpunk Magazine

Research is always so soothing

After being very uncertain of my worldbuilding next steps, I took N. K. Jemisin’s advice and made a map. That was super helpful, for some reason, so I also researched flooding, and found this great tool the state of Rhode Island has created to map our ever-approaching doom!

With online tool, you can see where R.I. would flood

Doomy but helpful. There is actually less flooding than I would have thought. The site also has a paper on ideas for private individuals to help secure their property against floods.

I also stumbled on pictures of then-Tropical Storm Henri hitting the southern New England coast. Very interesting that some communities have literal floodgates in place already. Like the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier to shield the low-lying sections of Providence, and the Pawcatuck Hurricane Barrier and flood gates in Stonington.

While it’s outside the scope of my story–I think–it’s super interesting to me that local governments are seriously thinking about climate change, and their plan, instead of managed retreat, appears to be to just continue adapting to more and more water. I don’t know if that’s really viable, but it is interesting.

Also, since my book of place names for RI turned out to be a book of place names for CT, I found a website with hopefully similar information.

It’s not dystopia, it’s just the inevitability of history repeating itself

This was a weird little short film about how the US is a civilization in rapid decline that I found on YouTube:

American Psychosis – Chris Hedges on the US empire of narcissism and psychopathy.

The weird part is that it seems to just be an interview with Chris Hedges. At times we watch Hedges speaking, and at other times we watch sometimes random, sometimes artsy, and sometimes germaine video images instead.

It was made by American Canary, which looks intriguing.

But there were some nicely quotable bits:

…the Humanities at their best are about teaching people how to think, rather than what to think. They’re about teaching people to challenge assumptions and structures. The discipline of the Humanities is subversive–it’s meant to be subversive.

Chris Hedges