Monday, October 11 2021

Quote of the Day

…true hope is ultimately a bold choice full of power and agency. It’s true that no one can escape crisis. It comes for each of us in numerous forms, whether personal or societal, but in crisis there is also incredible opportunity to draw from the strength of humans of the past and to persevere long enough to inspire someone in the future.

Ben Gierhart, Asimov’s Foundation and Finding Hope in Crisis

Today’s post is all about the researching for my new story-in-progress!

Preparing coastlines for the future

I’m worldbuilding for a short story, and really digging into how to save our coastlines from rising seas and increasingly worse storms was an incredible shock. It’s all about managed retreat and habitat rehabilitation. Many of the solutions local governments recommend (hardening, raising buildings) pretty much make things worse.

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Innovative Approaches to Building Resilient Coastal Infrastructure

Some nifty buildings

So if people pull back from the shore, where will they live? I started looking into some nifty futuristic concept architecture for ideas.

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Getting around in this future

Once again, really researching this has been eye-opening. I’ve assumed trains of some sort are the best plan, but coastal flooding over train tracks make them impractical. We can keep raising the tracks over and over, but…why? There are better ideas out there.

Does Sea Level Rise Matter to Transportation Along the Atlantic Coast?

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The Future of Transportation course from the Futurist Institute

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