Monday, November 8 2021

Quote of the Day

To assert by his talent, the rights of any citizen in any society: the right to work, to be maintained while working, and to share the product with all who wanted it. The rights of an Odonian and of a human being.

Ursula K. LeGuin, The Dispossessed

Where did I go

All last week I physically felt worse and worse and worse until on Friday I finally figured out I might be having a reaction to a medication I’ve been on since spring.

Turns out, I was right. It’s kind of a good thing; I was reacting to it because I don’t need it any more. My body has resumed making enough of what the medication is because I’m eating in a way that supports it. Hey! What a great concept.

So I am feeling infinitely better and am ready to jump back in.

What am I doing

That’s what I was asking myself for all of this morning. I sat down to work after a week of being all over the place and was more than a little lost.

So after lunch I sat down determinedly and put together a process flow for myself using Notion. Now every morning I will sit down to a daily checklist that will lead me through setting up my work for the day and track it effectively so I don’t forget where I am or what I am supposed to do next. It worked extra great and I’m actually pretty happy with what I managed to get done in the 2.5 hours I had left of the day.

I know creatively is supposed to be spontaneous and all, but if I don’t have any idea what I am supposed to be spontaneous about, it doesn’t go well at all.

As it turns out, I’ve figured a huge chunk of my worldbuilding, which is literally the first time in my writing life I’ve been able to say that. As a recovering pantser, this sort of thing has never happened. I’m really loving how figuring this out is putting up a lot of guiderails as to what this story can even be about. I don’t have to try to narrow down my plot from all the possibilities in the universe; only the plausible ones that could happen in the world I’ve built.

Which means, after a few housekeeping tasks of getting the physical information into digital reference notes, I get to move on to plotting.

My worldbuilding took about a month. That’s way too long for a short story, but I’ve decided to make it up to myself by committing to write a number of stories in this place, because it’s already super interesting to explore and I bet I can think of lots of characters to write about in it.

Some interesting links

I’m not doing a bunch of research these days outside what I need for my story (and my continued health). So here’s some interesting links I stumbled over, with little commentary:

Beyond Dark Academia: The Real Horror in Magic School Is Systemic Inequality I doubt I’m going to enjoy reading this, but I’m sure I should

The Ones Who Can’t Walk Away: Another Perspective on Omelas I have enough problems with this story, I can’t wait to get other perspectives on it

What Bhutan got right about happiness – and what other countries can learn This can’t be bad

9 cities that could be underwater by 2030 It’s getting grim

AI Generates Hypotheses Human Scientists Have Not Thought Of Well, yeah, that’s why I want to use it in my story!