Did you know that writing and storytelling are two different skills? I didn’t until May 22, 2020. On that day 15 years of thinking that I was just bad at fiction melded into realizing I had simply over-utilized my writing skills instead of developing my storytelling skills. So I studied storytelling, and things have finally started to make sense to me at a crazy time when very little else does.

After giving up on fiction writing completely 5 years ago, we are friends again. I have a new process, a new understanding, and a new drive to tell the stories that are important to me. Sherri Tepper had a 33-year long career starting at age 54. I’m not even 50 yet. Let’s do this.

A few facts for those of you just discovering me: I live in Washington State, I grew up in New England, and I’ve lived in the Southwest, South, and Mid-Atlantic during the in-between. I love rainy days, tea, reading voraciously, researching endlessly, introspection, self-realization, the humans in humanity, being outdoors, huge trees, a clean house, my husband, family, friends, gaming, Oxford commas, cautious optimism, and stationery.

Note: Blog post images are from NASA’s Astrology Picture of the Day website.