Being a Mixed Writer

Disenrolled Narragansett Indian. Part white. Part Black. Secret Jewish heritage. I’ve spent most of my life trying to find the intersection of my racial identities and heritages, a place where I could manage to somehow perfectly present all of them and be accepted by everyone.

That’s one of at least six impossible things I used to believe before breakfast. As I’m growing up, instead of being paralyzed trying to figure out how to act authentically for everyone else, I want to be authentic for myself.

My writing is my act of putting down deep roots. I write about my struggles as a whole person who is part many things. I write about society and privilege. I write about othering and acceptance.  I write about the worlds of my ancestors and the worlds of tomorrow.

I have a degree in Creative Writing from Stanford, and another in Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life from Pacifica. I finally feel ready to step into my authorial power and voice. I hope my stories–personal and fantastical–resonate with the authenticity in you.