Friday, July 6 2021

Quote of the Day

Ask yourself: what’s more terrifying? Fear, or the frightened?

Legion, Season 2 Episode 7

Dreams come true?

My husband passed me this link today of a bookstore for sale. If You Dream of Owning A Bookstore, Here’s Your Chance

When I was in high school, my college hunt took me to upstate New York. I decided at the time that when I grew up, I was going to live in upstate New York in a big old farmhouse like in the movie Practical Magic, with a witchy-herb greenhouse and a compost heap and I would wear woolen socks and be happy writing.

Included in the sale of Owl Pen Books is:

  • 100 acres of land 30 mins outside of Saratoga Springs
  • An 1830 Colonial-style farmhouse in good repair
  • Lots of outbuildings, including the book store
  • All the book store inventory
  • A profitable business that is physically only open during the summer

All for less than the price of a condo in the area I’m living in now.

There’s lots to think about. 30 years later the realities of retiring to the middle of nowhere in upstate New York aren’t quite as romantic as they were at 17. I have to say there’s something about the idea of the commitment of it that appeals to me. Having invested a lot of time and money and effort would make it feel so much more real than working on a book which feels ephemeral and not like real work on the best of days, and something I feel like I’m always on the edge of giving up on. The idea of curating books also sounds like fun. Stuffing books into boxes and shipping them seems like less fun (most of Owl Pen’s business seems to be online).

I doubt this will happen (why not?), but it’s fun to ponder.

A few things

Last Christmas, I Gave You My Head: The Green Knight

I’ve heard of this movie, and now I really really want to see it.

What My Korean Father Taught Me About Defending Myself in America

I don’t have the time to read this today, but in case my browser tab closes I can find it again.