Thursday, August 5 2021

Quote of the Day

Love is what we have to save if we’re gonna save the world.

Legion, Season 2 Episode 8


Speaking of Legion, here’s a YouTube compilation of all the Jon Hamm narrator scenes in Season 2.

I’ve gotten to the delicious parts where The Shadow King is outside of David, and he’s an amazing character (thanks for being amazing, Navid Negahban). Having thoughts about the hero, and how his fight is always the most important fight. As in, all the non-main characters have to drop all their fights and help the hero fight his fight. Because it’s always the one imperiling the most people.

So yeah, I’ve been thinking about Melanie, and how brilliantly Syd is contrast against Melanie in season 2, the one who will stand by Her Man no matter what, the one who knows where that ends up. Find a dream of your own ladies, and stand by it, because Your Man already has and will….

Burn, baby

I’m researching wildfires in the Western US. I haven’t had a chance to read through the links I’ve found, but here’s list of the ones I want to explore:

Reading List – Native Use Of Fire; compiled by Dale Swedberg

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

Possible future for Western wildfires: Decade-long burst, followed by gradual decline

The future of wildfires: A cultural struggle to learn to live with fire

Wildfire: Climate, Settlement, Forests, Fire Management

Fires, Forests, and the Future: A Crisis Raging Out Of Control?

The Future of wildland fire management in a world of rapid change and great uncertainty: Overview of a futures research project

US wildfire potential: a historical view and future projection using high-resolution climate data

Wildfires and Climate Change

‘Too late to stop it’: California’s future hinges on managing megafires

That’s good for now…I’m sure as I read I’ll get more ideas on what aspects I want to narrow down on. Worldbuilding is fun!

More data needed

I’ve been worrying in my brain over a conversation I had about defunding the police. It was specifically related to predator / prey, and was a good conversation. But it has left me thinking about a corollary idea, if crime in general is up because of defunding the police or because of the state of the economy and desperation?

The measured consensus seems to be: we don’t know.

Stop Blaming Crime Rates on Defunding the Police

What many of those who conflate defunding the police with rising crime rates miss is how wrong, even dangerous, glib causalities about crime are. It’s too simple to say that crime is on the rise because of X. But one thing is clear to the experts. “National crime policy is usually where we overreact and do more harm than good,” Wright explains. “The times we reduce crime is when local officials know what they need for their communities.” Kubrin notes that it’s much too early to tell what’s causing the spike in murders, but it’s unlikely that there’s a single reason. “Crime is multidimensional,” she says, pointing to a variety of factors such as “gangs, drug policies, socio-economic factors, and police community relations” that exist in various measures in different communities. 

AC is gross but I guess I need it

I’ve been lethargic for the last couple weeks, as we’ve had to keep the AC running constantly. Living in an apartment, going outdoors feels like a chore, or at least something I need to make space for and devote time to. But spending a lot of time without the windows open makes me feel….sluggish. Not depressed, just listless and not as motivated as usual. I wondered if there was some sort of connection between being in AC and an altered mental state.

Turns out there is: people do much better in AC than suffering in the heat. So maybe it’s not the AC at all?

This might be my jam

I discovered a thing on the Internet is apparently sleepcore. From what little I can tell, this is an aesthetic of Things That Induce Feelings of Sleepytime. Cozy seems part of it, but it seems really more like decorating spaces as the ultimate invitation to lay down your weary head. I am not against this!

Update on masa harina

While I love the taste of the masa harina, it’s been wreaking havoc in these new recipes I’ve been trying. Mostly it seems because they call for cornmeal. The masa harina is ground very very fine, and I think it’s sucking up way more liquid than what a rougher cornmeal would. The batters and doughs I’ve made with it have been very dry, and the resulting baked goods are often dryer too.

I’ve bought some dried posole (hominy) and I’m considering trying to grind it into cornmeal in my food processor, and see if these recipes go any better. If only they just nixtamilized cornmeal life would be so much easier…..

The Internet seems to think using a food processor or blender to make homemade cornmeal (often from popcorn–yuck?) works just fine, but if I plan on doing it a lot, get a mill. Ok then!