Tuesday, August 24 2021

Quote of the Day

Global warming may seem like a distended morality tale playing out over several centuries…But that is a fable about historical villainy…The majority of the burning has come since the premiere of Seinfeld.

David Wallace-Wells, The Uninhabitable Earth

Nothing wastes my time like trying to organize my time

I had the thought today that I should be tracking how many sprints I spend working on my novel, because otherwise it feels like there is 0 progress at anything and I feel sad at life. So that was an hour+ spent setting a thing up in Notion. I think it will be very useful for making me feel like forward progress is inevitably happening, and for guesstimating how long tasks will take. But also, the time is gone and there are no sprints yet today to put into the nice new tracker I made……

So on that note, just a quick list of links I’ve stumbled over:

My Gender is Maximalism

Everything I’ve Learned about Being a “Professional” Writer in One Post

Bold as Love: Gwyneth Jones’ Vision of the Near-Future Has Never Been More Relevant

Jones’s series should go into the Canon, I think! Now off I run, to hopefully still get some sprints done today.