Monday, June 28 2021

Quote of the Day

Beauty was out there, all around. To create art was not to capture it, but to participate in it.

Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance

How to converse

I’m about to go on a short trip, and will spend much of the time talking with people that have very different views and opinions than me. Opinions that I would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of my lungs. So, how do I have a conversation? I can avoid talking about things, but I know from experience they will be brought up anyhow. I don’t want to just smile and nod and appear to agree, because I DON’T AGREE. I really, really, really don’t want to get into an argument that will get lots of sound bites parroted at me, that will require me to have encyclopedic knowledge that will be discounted as fake facts anyhow. It’s too much energy to expend when the result will dig everyone further into their own trenches, only now with anger and bad blood.

I’ve considered asking questions. But that will just lead me on frustrating logic loops that go nowhere, and might give the impression that I am interested in “learning the truth.” After a phone conversation that somehow ended up on immigrants and things I very much don’t agree with were said, and I let the moment slip by, confounded, I had an idea. What if my response is: “Wow, that’s really mean.” Because these statements are mean. They are not nice or charitable. That, is, of course, my opinion, but then I am speaking my truth without inviting an argument that lately everyone seems to just be waiting to have.

It’s my best thought. I’ll report back if it works out. if I’m brave enough to try it.

It’s always Bo Burnham day lately

It’s nice knowing I’m not the only one.

Ranking Bo Burnham INSIDE songs by how life ruining they are

And if you haven’t seen the Bo Burnham special maybe you think I’m being dramatic.

No. No my friend, I am not being dramatic, these songs are just that good.

If you enjoy feeling existential dread—because you know we all like feeling existential dread, right—this is the special for you.

Hannah Baylis

Tomatoes are not native to New England

The answer to a question I looked up online this morning, and found this gem: Why the tomato was feared in Europe for over 200 years