Thursday, July 22, 2021

Quote of the Day

How could anyone find comfort in silence that could end without warning?

Becky Chambers, The Galaxy, And The Ground Within

Why tricksters rule

Loki as Other: Why Do Queer and Female Viewers Love the Trickster?

Yet despite offering more representation, the series appears to lack curiosity about the embodied experiences of gender-fluid, bisexual, and pansexual people. How does it feel to be genderfluid, and does Loki see himself that way? How does it feel to be attracted to more than one gender? What does Loki’s sexuality mean to him (and his “variants”)–is it a source of joy, a source of stress, a significant part of his life? These questions seem to be absent from the Loki series, with Loki’s occupation of other bodies used purely to further the plot, and his sexuality only acknowledged with the single coming-out line. Perhaps a story that explored these facets of Loki’s identity would devote more screentime to the experience of queerness, genderfluidity, or even atypical masculinity. Loki’s character speaks to many of us because he is othered, but I can’t help wondering: what would a series that centered Loki look like?

Everyone should love the trickster, in my opinion. And like everyone else, I hope season 2 of Loki has way more trickstery goodness than the last one did.

This could be my next attention sink

Palia: MMO Meets Farm/Life/Community Sim

It’s not out yet, but an MMO that encourages cooperation over ganking or insulting strangers is exactly what I am here for. It might not even have a combat system, and that makes me over the moon happy.

Writing resources about diversity win all the things

My previous resource: Writing the Other

My new one I just found out about: Writing With Color

Both make me happy and more confident about representing awesomely.

Capital-s Self

I’m looking up some resources for a friend about the Jungian concept of ‘Self’, and I’m having a hard time finding things that aren’t a Jungian word salad. Here are some of the best, so I don’t have to try to find them again:

The Highly Sensitive Person and the Numinous

The objective reality of what is experienced as numinous is an issue that Corbett and Jung, as psychologists, not theologians, prefer to side step. They would leave that question up to theologians, and perhaps to each of us.

But I think it is important to note that our interpretation of our experience or that of others has enormous effects. If what’s numinous were “objective,” then it seems that it would be true, a fact, God’s truth in this case, and it would seem that everyone ought to believe it, which leads to religious wars as well as people trying to believe in something they have heard about but never personally experienced, because the one who had the experience says it is Truth. On the other hand, if it is seen as a purely subjective, personal experience, that is often taken to mean, as I was saying, that the experience is numinous, but its source is not. The experience is only a psychological instinct, capacity, or tendency to see or believe that there is something real out there.

Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.

The Self (Jung’s Definition)

The Jungian Model of the Psyche

Then there’s also this great graphic on a tepid article, so I’ll just include the graphic:

Thanks Hugo Lin!

And then this is also a helpful image:

Not sure where this came from.

It’s odd, re-looking these concepts up. They were so clear to me while I was in grad school, and now I have these ideas that have lingered and morphed and evolved in my brain that have become intrinsic parts of my worldview that are now hard to enunciate. In going back over some of my grad school materials, I wasn’t finding the explanations or descriptions that are half-formed in my head, because I’ve integrated the concepts in ways that don’t always tie directly back to their source. It’s like this information about integrating the psyche has integrated just like a psyche. Does knowledge live in our minds and become a psychic phenomena, become an archetype like the shadow or animus? That’s a frightening thought.

I hate everything about long term care insurance

And yet, I must learn about it in light of the new Washington state regulation regarding it starting next year. I saw this YouTube video explaining that there were types of LTC. Which I didn’t know and never wanted to know. But there is a thing called asset-based long term care insurance, and that might be a thing I want? Links gathered to be scrutinized with the husband later.

What is Asset-Based Long-Term Care?

Traditional LTC vs Asset-Based LTC

Asset-Based Plans (AKA Hybrid or Linked Benefits)

Being a consumer of my own misfortune is really as horrible as it sounds!

Thursday, June 24 2021

Quote of the Day

Why do you rich fucking white people insist on seeing every socio-political conflict through the myopic lens of your own self-actualization? This isn’t about you!

Bo Burnham, “How The World Works”, Inside

It Seems Like I Have To Talk About Bo Burnham’s Inside Again

I’ve become deeply disturbed by The Discourse’s (TM) response to Inside. Or the lack of response. Why is no one talking about “How The World Works”? I might be on the Wrong Places on the Internet, but I feel like no one is engaging with the content of Bo’s content.

Or they are, but not in the way that I expect. From what I can tell, there’s been a lot of commentary about how relatable it is because pandemic and we all had depression, anxiety, despair, and other Hard Feelings. I’ve seen mention of the insights in it about Internet culture. All valid. But are we going to talk about the societal commentary parts? The perfect summation of how the world truly works in a single verse followed by the horrifyingly accurate byplay of white male power constantly working against minority reality and equality? How the planet will actually truly for really real become inhabitable in a few decades and Homo Economicus will become extinct? How there seems to be no actions individuals can take to fix our societal issues that are causing our imminent demise? And how there is no cohesive movement to make any real change or plan at all? It’s all in the special!

(Also why do people keep calling his songs “silly”? I know he did in the special, but that’s beside the point. I had a discussion with my husband where he explained that “silly” was referring to the form of the songs, for example how “Welcome to the Internet” with its vaudevillian / carnival barker style is a form that we don’t generally consider a container for important messaging. So meaning aside, the song is “silly.” I think you all are crazy, because there is no meaning aside. “Welcome to the Internet” is horrifying, partly because pasting over tragedy and pain with vaudevillian distraction is something we as a society are WAY too adept at. It’s terrifying to know that we are fully capable of pasting over climate change UNTIL WE ALL DIE [well at least until the rich white people start dying].)

I looked up a bunch of reviews of Inside and stared at their titles for a while and realized a thing.

Bo Burnham: Inside review – this is a claustrophobic masterpiece

Why Everybody Loves Bo Burnham’s Lockdown Special

Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’ Is A Musical Fantasy About Terrible Realities

Confessions of a Neurotic Mind: Inside Bo Burnham’s Sobering “Inside”

Are the realities that Bo sung about being taken—within the context of Inside—as an over-reaction of a depressed and anxious mind? Is that what I’m missing? That because he showed and was honest about the deteriorating mental state of the character of Bo, the social issues that were brought up are not valid? That he was….overwrought? Hysterical?

While I was looking at reviews and reactions to Inside, I watched a YouTube reaction by a guitar teacher that was incredibly charming.

Heartened, I watched a reaction by a white woman to “White Woman’s Instagram”. That’s when I had really awful realization #2—Inside is about the past. It was a time that happened and is gone, because we are back to normal. Are we coping with 2020 by locking all the pain and deaths and angst and feelings and realizations back in that pandemic place, to be left behind forever so we can…..what, exactly? Continue to ride this ride that ends in the destruction of everything without a second thought?

Jesus fucking Christ, if Inside can’t even make a dent in waking us up enough to talk for five minutes about the wisdom of this capitalist hellscape delusion we insist on perpetuating, what the fuck am I doing thinking I can “make a literal difference metaphorically”?

Marvel’s Loki Is Letting Me Down

LOKI EPISODE 3 REVEALS THE MARVEL SHOW’S FATAL FLAW: Despite its many innovations, Loki can’t escape the fact that it’s a Marvel story. That’s a serious problem.

While I agree with the article that the fight scenes were kind of awful, and I completely agree that Loki needs to be cooler, being a better badass is not the way I want him to be cooler. What I want is the character Loki to live up to his namesake. I want Loki to be a real trickster, one that seems like he is foiled but his defeat actually accomplishes a piece of his larger goal. I want Loki to not be a character that has self-defined the God of Mischief as a hedonistic amateur that dreams of nothing else but gaining power to have power. That character needs to have a character arc of growth and learning to not be an asshole, and that is boring and overdone. I want a trickster Loki that is actually more intelligent than everyone else around him instead of just more arrogant, a trickster Loki that is fully capable of manipulating everyone in every situation to bring him exactly what he wants with a character arc of learning to do that for good reasons instead of selfish ones. (I’ve wanted this character since White Collar’s Neal was never written as smart enough to completely outwit Peter.)

Or possibly I just want Marvel to re-name this character not after one of the greatest tricksters in literature so I can enjoy the character and the arc I’m going to get and not pine after the one I deserve.

What’s Next?

A friend suggested I do a ten minute free writing exercise to figure out what I want to work on next. This is an excellent idea that I don’t want to forget.